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 Race 4 - Suzuka Circuit Q/7th - R/8th December

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Race 4 - Suzuka Circuit  Q/7th - R/8th December Empty
PostSubject: Race 4 - Suzuka Circuit Q/7th - R/8th December   Race 4 - Suzuka Circuit  Q/7th - R/8th December EmptyTue Oct 09, 2018 7:12 pm

After an intense race round Brands Hatch, drivers head to Suzuka for a more relaxed race, with high speed corners and straight line speed being critical, the Nissan GTR can surely look to shine here. Drivers whom have chosen other vehicles will be looking to follow closely to get that slipstream needed to tail the GTR, hoping to overtake in the slower corners of the track and propel themselves ahead of the GTR, considering it struggles most in low speed corners. Who will come out on top? The might of the GTR or the drive of an underdog?
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Race 4 - Suzuka Circuit Q/7th - R/8th December
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